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Loving Someone with OCD Support Course

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If you've ever wondered how to best support your loved one with OCD, this course is for you. Life can be immensely challenging for those who love someone who has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. There is so much confusion around what is going on in the brain of the OCD sufferer, and even greater confusion as to how to help. This often leads families to simply accommodate the OCD compulsions, which hugely impacts the family dynamic. In this course, I cover: -What is going on in the brain of someone who has OCD -Treatment options for someone who has OCD -Ways to support your loved one without accommodating the OCD -How to start removing yourself from the OCD cycle -How to spot compulsions -Resources for loved ones -Private Facebook group for peer support (joining is optional) This course is applicable to anyone who loves someone who has OCD, whether they are a spouse, partner, parent, friend, or child/grandchild. After joining, you will have access to the course for your lifetime. If you are tired of feeling like a ship navigating a storm without a star in sight, this course can be a lighthouse for you.

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