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Marriage Course Now Available On Demand

Build a better relationship with therapist-approved techniques

  • "I want to feel more connected to my partner, but don't know what steps to take."

  • "It feels like we don't know how to communicate with each other anymore, but there's no way we can afford weekly couples counseling."

  • "I want to learn how to show affection to my partner, but shouldn't I just know how?"

  • "We want marriage counseling, but our schedules make it impossible."

  • "I wish my partner understood me more, but how do I even fix that?"

Communication for Connection

If these concerns resonated with you, then my online relationship course, Communication for Connection, is for you. Designed for couples struggling to make weekly couples counseling work, due to finances, scheduling, or anxiety around the process, this course allows you and your partner to start working on your relationship at your own pace and in your own home

*Please note: this course is not designed for couples experiencing domestic violence. National DomesticViolence Hotline: 800-799-7233.*

What You'll Get in this Relationship Course:

  1. Learn conflict management skills

  2. Learn ways to express needs using the love languages

  3. Learn ways to have productive conversation even when you disagree

  4. Deepen your emotional connection 

  5. Four guided relationship-building activities

  6. Guided presentation, by me, on evidence-based couples counseling tools

  7. Lifetime access to the course. Return as needed for a relationship tune-up!

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