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You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by worry,

Tired of the need to be perfect in order to feel worthy,

Exhausted from fighting with your thoughts

I get it. It is exhausting trying to figure out how to heal without a roadmap. That’s where
I can enter in

Meet Lauren Spencer, MS, LMFT

Hi there! I provide therapy for female professionals struggling with self-esteemanxiety, overwhelm/burnout, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and relationship concerns in Washington state.

Why I Became a Marriage and Family Therapist

As a child, I grew up surrounded by supportive family and friends while my mom recovered from a serious illness. By the time I hit middle school, I'd discovered how unique that support was, and wanted to incorporate supporting others into my future career. When I learned about counseling as a profession, I decided it was the one for me. 

The reason behind my passion for evidence-based (aka: researched and proven effective treatment types), is due to my own story with anxiety. I tried talk therapy for years, with little improvement in my symptoms. While I was scared to try something different, I got to the point where I felt like I had to get relief, and was willing to try anything. Enter evidence-based, structured counseling, and long story short, I got better.

I want you to get better, and I want it to happen as quickly as possible, and in my opinion, evidence-based treatments are the best way to achieve that goal.  

When I'm not with clients, I can usually be found on a walk with my dogs, reading a fast-paced fiction novel, or in the kitchen cooking and baking. 

I love this profession and I care deeply about my clients. I hope to meet you soon.

Lauren Spencer, MS, LMFT

Graduate of Seattle Pacific University 

Graduate of Whitworth University

Education and Certifications

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #LF 61326547

Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy 

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology & Bachelor of Arts in Theology 

American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy Member

PsiChi Lifetime Member

 Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator 

ICBT, ACT, and ERP Trained

Lauren Spencer smiles at camera while sitting on a couch

My Treatment Style

In therapy with me, I walk clients through evidence-based treatment strategies proven to decrease symptoms of anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and strengthen relationships. This may look like welcoming challenging emotions, diving into the underlying fears causing the disconnect between you and your partner, or actively reengaging with avoided situations. I will collaborate with you to decide which treatment modalities will be the best fit for your concerns. Then, step by step, we'll start getting you back to living a values-based life, one that feels full and rich.


My clients describe me as empathetic, goal-oriented, direct, and gentle. I’m a therapist who will encourage you to pursue relevant goals, to empathize with yourself (and your partner), and to celebrate your wins, no matter how “big or small.” We will set tangible, achievable goals for the short-term to help you see the progress you’re making, and then, intermittently take looks back to see how far you’ve come in the long-term.


If my style sounds like a good fit for your concerns, schedule a free 15 minute consultation today.


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