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Therapy for Anxiety 

Anxiety Disorders

Imagine going a day without feeling anxious...

Anxiety Disorders I Treat:

Generalized Anxiety

Panic Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder & Family Accommodation *see more here*


Health Anxiety

Social Anxiety

How can you enjoy your time with family when your brain is yelling at you to Google if that funny feeling means you're dying? How can you show up for a friend outing when you're terrified the setting will trigger a panic attack? How can you connect with your partner when you're incredibly dizzy and nauseous? And how can you be fully present in the job you love when your thoughts are moving so fast (or slow) you can't possibly focus? 

In today's world, the word "anxiety" is flippantly thrown around, but in reality, anxiety can feel like a vice around your neck, stripping the life out of living. It often shows up in countless physical symptoms, from chest pain to dizziness, to racing thoughts. It makes you want to escape, freeze, and lash out all at the same time, and when anxiety is high, quality of life is almost always low.

In anxiety treatment, we first identify your symptoms, and then explore together what the underlying causes of your anxiety are. For some, there may be genetics at play, or a past negative experience. For others, their relationship and/or workplace is the main cause of their distress. Then, we will use a combination of evidence-based treatment strategies (treatments proven effective by research) to reduce anxiety and increase values-based living. These usually involve coping skills, emotional processing, reengaging with avoided behaviors, and diffusing the potency of thoughts. 

I truly mean it when I say anxiety levels can drastically improve. I have seen it time and again amongst countless circumstances (yes, even if it's genetic for you). If anxiety is causing you to struggle to engage with your life, reach out today for a consultation and/or appointment.  

  • Coping Skills

  • Emotional Processing 

  • Leaning into values

  • Thought Diffusion

  • Increasing Tolerance of the Uncomfortable

  • Mindfulness

  • Family of origin work

Anxiety Treatment

  • Decreased overall anxiety levels

  • Decreased physical symptoms of anxiety

  • Reengaging with activities you love

  • Increased mental head space 

  • Improved ability to process emotions

Anxiety Treatment

You've tried counseling for anxiety before... What makes this anxiety therapy any different?

While there are many benefits to talk therapy, it just doesn't reach the anxious brain. This is not your fault and doesn't mean you didn't try hard enough.

Anxious brains need to learn new ways to respond to anxiety in order to turn the fight/flight alarm off. Together, we will help your brain develop a new relationship to anxiety, and this will finally bring your anxiety levels down. 

It's time to stop just surviving. Let's get you back to thriving.

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