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Online, On Demand Courses

In effort to make mental health tools accessible, Lauren Spencer, MS, LMFT creates online courses. These courses cover topics ranging from relationship help to family accommodation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. They are available on demand and allow you to learn at your own pace. 

Online courses can be especially helpful for those who aren't able to commit to weekly therapy due to scheduling difficulties and/or finances. They can also be great tools to go hand in hand with the therapy process. 

I am currently offering two online courses: Loving Someone with OCD and Communication for Connection. The first offers tools for family members of those with OCD so that they can feel better equipped to support their loved one, as well as themselves. OCD is a particularly tricky beast given how it intertwines the family system, but when the family system is equipped to help, great things can happen.

The second course is designed to help couples seeking a booster to their relationship. In this course, I cover the three skills I use most in couples counseling so that you can apply them at home. 


 You can purchase these courses below

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